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NO. 35 - May

Charles Williamson, Part III



No. 34 - December
Charles Williamson, Wilhelm Berczy, Part II

No. 33 - October
Western and Central New York State, Land Agents, 1790s, Charles Williamson, Part I

No. 32 - August

American Civil War, Confederate Army, Thomas Lafayette Rosser, Canadian Pacific Railway
No. 31 - June (Newsletter now every other month)
Writers, Austria, Young Vienna, Felix Salten
No. 30 - April
Exploration, Northwest Passage, Northeast Passage, Sebastian Cabot, Muscovy Company, Russia, Canada, Martin Frobisher, Michael Lok

No. 29 - March
Operetta, Gilbert & Sullivan, Pirates of Penzance, Modern Major General, Historical Allusions

No. 28 - February
Black Inventors, Frederick McKinley Jones, Refrigeration, Ice Making

No.27 - January

Portugal, England, Royalty, Catherine of Braganza, New York City


No. 26 - December
Australia, Suffragists, Louisa Lawson, Authors, Poets, Henry Lawson

Np.25 - November
U. S. Novelists, Poets, Hervey Allen, Anthony Adverse, World War I

No. 24 - October
South America, Argentina, Great Britain, 1806-1807, Liniers, Popham, Beresford, Whitelocke, Military, Naval, Napoleonic Era

No. 23 - September
Canada, Northwest Territories, Explorers, Dene Tribes, Murder Trials, Natural Resources

No. 22 - July
Photography, Eadweard Muybridge, West, Horses, Film

No. 21 - June
Hanseatic League, Baltic Sea, Fishing, Herring

No. 20 - May
Russia, Catherine the Great, Grigori Potemkin

No. 19 - April
Europe, UK, Transportation, Railways, 1800s, George Bradshaw, Timetables, Maps

No. 18
- March
New England, 1680s, Sir Edmund Andros, James II, William of Orange, Charter Oak

No. 17 - February
New York State, Historians, Folklore, Carl Carmer, Alabama, South

No. 16 - January
Australia, Melbourne, 1920s


No. 15 - December
England, Engineering, Highways, John Metcalf, Law, Crime, London, John Fielding

No. 14
- November
Women, California, Architecture, Julia Morgan, Phoebe Apperson Hearst

No. 13 - October
Climate, Weather, 1816, The Year Without a Summer

No. 12
- September
Exploration, Portugal, Africa, Henry the Navigator

No. 11
- August
Britain, Art, Sporting Prints, Transportation, Charles Cooper Henderson

No. 10 - July
South, Alabama, WPA, The Depression

No. 9 - June
Music, Minstrels, E. P. Christy

No. 8 - May
1896, Music

No. 7 - April
South America, Venezuela, Maracaibo, Oil

No. 6 - March
England, Scotland, Nobility, Peerages

No. 5 - February
New York State, Hoaxes, Cardiff Giant, P. T. Barnum

No. 4 - January
Naval, Seamanship, Navigation, Steamships


No. 3 - December
Africa, Morocco, Fez, Asia, Nepal, Kathmandu, Japan, Kyoto

No. 2 - November
1920s, England, London, Theater

No. 1 - October
West, Transportation, Railroads, Novelists, Frank Norris, The Octopus